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Our vision is to become your business partner of choice whether you are looking to buy or sell commercial real estate or looking for a property management company to lease up or manage your investment. We seek out new opportunities for clients, and take an entrepreneurial approach to delivering value. Our values capture our commitment to ethical, professional and great responsible performance and the essence of business success.


Our approach is a value-embracing approach.


We take pride in everything we do.

We always act with integrity.

We take an entrepreneurial approach to business.


With a reputation for delivering superior results to clients, our team offers integrated and customized services that showcase creativity, cost effectiveness and responsiveness to our clients’ needs.


No matter the type of property we work on we approach each new project with an open mind, aggressively pursuing the goals of our clients. As a full service firm, CIG’s business model allows delivery of comprehensive and highly tailored solutions to your unique investment objectives and customer requirements, which serve to enhance the financial performance of each investment.



  • 2011 Yellow Rose of Texas, Texas Governor Proclamation

  • 2009-2011 IREM Dallas Champion Award

  • 2010 Dallas Military Entrance Processing Station Award



  • Institute of Real Estate Management 

  • Texas Real Estate Commission 

  • South Carolina Real Estate Commission 

  • Ohio Real Estate Division

  • National Board of Realtors 

  • San Antonio Board of Realtors 

  • National Apartment Association

  • Texas Apartment Association

  • San Antonio Apartment Association

Benefits of partnering with CIG:


  • We create value and establish you for success. We understand what will drive extraordinary returns in each transaction, and prioritize efforts to achieve optimal results, even in a down market.

  • Avoid “Project Illness”. Every investor and developer can tell you stories of a time when the temptations of a bad deal were nearly irresistible. Don’t fall into this trap! Good financial modeling is the reality check that we depend upon to remain consistently disciplined and successful.

  • Sharpen your story. Get more traction with lenders, investors and partners by demonstrating the soundness of an investment thesis with a professional analysis everyone can follow. Busy decision makers are constantly presented with new opportunities, so make the most of their limited time.

  • Go in with clear vision. Evaluate and mitigate the risks inherent in each opportunity that a more superficial analysis fails to identify.

  • Team Unity. Avoid costly uncertainty and disagreements by accurately and objectively measuring the expenses and profits to be allocated to our partners and ourselves.