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“For several years we had suffered unprofessional, costly out-of-state property management services. We decided to terminate our property managers and discovered Clear Integrity Group LLC (“CIG”). Within a year, Roxana not only pinpointed deficiencies with our 40-unit complex, she offered great, cost-effective remedies. Roxana performed property management services beyond our expectations and I cannot say enough about the level of professionalism she brought to our contractual relationship. Once we decided it was time to sell our property, she became our listing agent as well. She effectively, timely, and professionally communicated with us regarding potential buyers, and also she worked directly with the Buyer to communicate and negotiate an amicable resolution to effectuate a sale. She earned every bit of her commission and more. I strongly recommend her services. You will find no one more dedicated to the success of your real property management and/or sale.”
Toni Greene, Multi Family Client, San Jose, California

“I was referred to Roxana by a fellow Bed and Breakfast Owner who had sold their property with Roxana. From my first contact she was Astute, Understanding, and Very aware of the running of my business. I sold the business and property while still operating my business. I was kept informed every step of the way. She was very patient with me as a nervous Seller.
I would recommend her….ABSOLUTELY! Thank you Roxana for your Amazing Service and Support!!!”
Madonna Paul, OCaseys Bed and Breakfast, San Antonio, Texas

“Roxana was an absolute godsend for us! Our property had been up for sale for just over a year when we had the good fortune to cross paths with her. Our previous agent had not done anything except add the property to the MLS and sit back and wait for responses – none came. Roxana took a more aggressive approach and hit the ground running right from the start. We had multiple showings and she was able to bring in prospective buyers who would never have found us otherwise. She put her heart and soul into it and cared just as much about whether or not we sold as she would have if it had been her own property. She is straightforward, trustworthy and professional. We would recommend her in a heartbeat and already have! Thank you, Roxana, for helping to make our dreams come true!”
Kelly and Gregg Alba, San Antonio, Texas

“Roxana has the energy of three people. She can handle a great deal of activity at one time and is a great person to bring into a situation that needs management. I would. Recommend her and her talents to anyone who needs someone to get the job done!”
Scott McComb, President & CEO, Heartland Bank

“Passion, integrity, fiscal responsibility and honor describes Roxana. If more people thought like she thinks, our business and social culture would be in much better shape. If you have the chance to work with Roxana, DO IT.”
George Simons, Design Consultant, Empire Today

“Working with Roxana Tofan is like working with a breath of fresh air. No nonsense, focused, effective. I have enjoyed working with Roxana, who is a quick study, for several years and was disappointed when she moved out of our area to take on major assignments in Texas. anyone who has the opportunity to work with her would be fortunate to have her on the team.”
Howard Liebreich, President, Lee Pacific Properties, Inc, Client

“Roxana is successful in what she does because she is energetic, creative, dedicated and extraordinarily hard working. She is one of the most impressive young women I have encountered in a career that now spans over 4 decades. Look in the dictionary for “can do attitude” and you are likely to find her picture.”
J. Daniel Steffey, Vice President, Development, Guardian Management

“Roxana is a detailed manager that produces measurable results. Deadlines and budgets have consistently been met. Roxana and her team are a pleasure to work with.”
Reginald Johnson, Sr., HCCP, CPM Candidate, Client

“Roxana is perhaps one of the most, if not THE most, effective, efficient and enthusiastic people I’ve dealt with in the past 10 years (or perhaps longer). Her approach to a new challenge is all inclusive, meaning that she does her homework in reviewing the situation, puts together a plan and goals, then proceeds to tackle the issue with what appears to be nothing short of excitement! She is bright and creative … thorough and detailed. Add to that her unbeatable attitude … and you have THE complete package.”
Linda Jackson, Director of Business Development, Texas Roof Management, Inc.

“Roxana was a tremendous asset to the Dallas Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) while serving as the CPM for the Institute of Real Estate Management in Dallas, Texas. Her contributions to the morale and welfare of the staff of the Dallas MEPS as well as the tens of thousands of military applicants was directly influential to the success of the MEPS from 2009 to 2011. The partnership that she fostered between IREM and the MEPS will surely carry over to both her successor, as well as the next MEPS military commander and executive staff. Roxana’s drive and determination to make a difference in the support of military troops serve as a credit to her personality and ideals, as well as those of the Dallas MEPS, the United States Military and the Department of Defense. My own professionalism lends a great deal of credit to being exposed to such a wonderful business woman and American Patriot.”
Mark Biggins, Diverse, US Army

“I would recommend Roxana to anyone looking for professional, talented and effective CPM because she • Is fiercely loyal to her clients, • Is a tenacious negotiator and • Has a solid reputation. In addition, she is one of the most positive, upbeat people I have ever met which makes working with her a true pleasure.”
Henry Smith, Senior Technical Project Manager, CenturyLink

“Roxana is a highly motivated, energetic, individual. She works very hard and is a great resource for organizing people and activities.”
Sherry Ems, Senior Account Manager, Fulton Communications

“Roxana’s professionalism, attention to detail and infectious positive mental attitude make her a great person to work with. Her understanding of the profitability and performance of commercial real estate make her a valued asset.”
Allen Faires, Real Estate Consultant, Edwards Realty Company

“Roxana is a high-energy and passionate professional. Her positive attitude and teamwork is infectious and makes it easy to work with her. She is the type of person you want on your team!”
Brooks Neal, Director of Business Development, Kentucky Speedway

“Roxana is an exceptional supervisor and professional to work with and for. She is “people- oriented” and strives to build-up her team. She consistently works on team building and emphasizes the strengths of her team. Roxana is a breath of fresh air to the work environment. Thoroughly enjoy working with her.”
Angela Carey, CPM®, Portfolio Manager, The Barcus Company, Inc

“Roxana is an unstoppable force in the affordable housing industry, there is no challenge that she will not rise to and over-come. Her motivation and drive is contagious! She is a great leader who also has a huge heart and truly cares for her staff and the folks that benefit from the housing she oversees.”
Amanda Gross, Compliance Director, Guardian Real Estate Services

“I have worked with Roxana for a few years as co-members of the Dallas chapter of IREM. I can whole- heartedly recommend Roxana for most any endeavor she pursues. To say she is a hard worker is an understatement. She will prove to be a valuable asset to any organization.”
Jim Seal, Regional Key Account Manager, ThyssenKrupp Elevator

“I have known and worked with Roxana for over 4 years and she has always displayed a strong work ethic and professionalism. She is very committed to any project that she takes on always exceeds the expectation. I feel very honored to have worked with her and would seize the opportunity to work with her again.”
Kesha Banks, Project Specialist, Fannie Mae

“Roxana is a joy to work with! She expects the best results, therefore you get the best. She is a very energetic, dedicated professional, and I look forward to future opportunities to work together.”
Nancy Groff, Owner, Graphic Impressions

“I had the opportunity to work with Roxana on committees that supported the Institute for Real Estate Management(IREM) in Dallas Tx. She showed great leadership in getting the tasks completed to improve awareness and contributions to the “Support the Troops” campaign. I can see these same leadership skills easily transferred to other areas of her job.”
Mark Slicker, Director of Sales LEED-AP, VMC Landscape Services

“Roxana is very detail oriented and knows how to please clients and watch the finances at the same time. She gets the job done in a very friendly manner and is very conscientious about her work. I would recommend Roxana to any company looking for a hard working, team player.”
Lori Ward, Real Estate Consultant, Keller Williams Realty

“I have known Roxana for over 10 years and during that time, I have never seen anyone work harder or smarter than she does. Roxana excels at strategic planning and problem-solving, organization, collaboration with both staff and customers. I have also had the privilege of knowing her personally, she is just as caring, focused and dedicated to her family as she is at work. Roxana has personally set an example for me on how to balance both my career and family life.”
Jennifer Mendez, Senior Patient Advocate, Mercy Health Partners

“Roxana is a great manager and leader and very devoted to her cause. I would say she is the ideal worker and employee as she works with the mind set and ethics of an owner. My years of working with her have always been solid and a win for both parties. I strongly endorse her.”
Harley Jeanise, President, RESTORx

“Roxana is an extremely well-liked, well respected and dedicated individual who always gives more than is asked or expected of her. She is missed by everyone in the DFW community who had the good fortune to know and/or work with her.”
Andrew Felder, Principal/Publisher, CREST Publications & EXPO Group

“Roxana personifies the stereotype of the kid in school awarded “Most Likely To Succeed”. Her intelligence, tenacity, organizational skills, and adaptability set her apart. Even more important, Roxana is a great leader. She supports strong performers with no tendency to micro-managing, acknowledging their accomplishments both privately and publicly. And, she provides resources to struggling employees, never forgetting each employee’s unique learning style. Of course this is while she administers financial responsibilities and the many other daily duties seamlessly. With her results oriented leadership, Roxana’s teams will always succeed, right along with her.”
Lisa Dabel, Area Manager / Community Manager, Guardian Management

“Roxana is the type of person that you want on your team; she’s reliable, responsible and driven beyond what the average employee would consider ‘above and beyond’. I have known Roxana since she was in high school and have had the privilege of watching her turn the curiosity and ambition that set her apart then, into the assets that have taken her down a path of professional success. In a professional capacity, Roxana is unique in her ability to problem solve and self- manage. She is the type of person that you can direct or brainstorm with in search of a clear deliverable, and know that if charged with getting you that desired outcome,she will deliver at all costs. I can’t say enough about her dedication and internal passion for being the best version of herself that she can!”
Keri Buscaglia, Volunteer, U.S. Peace Corps

“Roxana Hammock is a hard worker and very dedicated to her assignments. She is very responsible, diligent and dependable in the performance of her duties. She achieved some exceptional results while working with Guardian Real Estate Services. I was sorry when she left!”
Ross Cornelius, Development Manager, Guardian Management

“Roxana and I were volunteers for the Dallas Chapter of the Institute of Real Estate Management. She was the standard to which everyone pointed when they needed to know how to perform. There was nothing that she could not organize or achieve.”
Dan Corley, Vice President of Property Management, Direct Development

“Roxana is a wonderful person to have working on your team. We worked together on the IREM Dallas Executive Council, where Roxana was a noted leader and “star performer” for the Dallas Chapter. She sets high goals and then achieves more than what we thought might be possible. She’s a tireless worker with an amazing upbeat personality; and she’s an inspiring leader – people love to be around her and working beside her. She has a very generous spirit as well – always looking for ways to help others. We are missing Roxana in Dallas!”
Tessie Nolan, Director of Property Management Dallas, Granite Properties

“Roxana is a great person who loves to help others and is very detailed oriented. She is a pleasure to work with.”
Mickey Fletcher, Branch Manager, Coldwell Banker Apex, Realtors

“I had the opportunity to work with Roxana while we were both involved with the Dallas Chapter of IREM. Her energy was only exceeded by her dedication and hard work. She was amazing and gave her full attention to each and every project. Roxana helped find donors and sponsors allowing us to constantly expand our community efforts. It was pleasure serving with her and she will be a great asset to any endeavor she undertakes.”
Mark Hopkins, Director of Business Development, The Brickman Group

“Roxana has truly been an extraordinary example of a hard working individual that knows how to get things done. She has a great ability of motivating people to rise to another level. Roxana is an inspiration to all who have the privilege of working with her.”
Jason Otts, Sales Manager, Affiliated Companies Inc

“I have worked on several occasions with Roxana when she retained our law firm for legal services. She always responds promptly, is highly trained in her field and is a pleasure to deal with. I appreciate the opportunity to work with her and her staff at Guardian Management.”
Paula Beasley, Client

“Roxana is a regional portfolio manager for one of my clients. I’ve worked with Roxana over the past several years, and she is an excellent asset manager who can keep track of important details on multiple properties while keeping the big picture in the forefront.”
Dahe Good, Owner, GoodJames Consulting

“I have gotten to know Roxana this year through our affiliation with IREM and more specifically, in working on the IREM Membership committee together. I have been incredibly impressed with Roxana’s creative spirit in her work, her amazing work ethic and her unfailing positive attitude. She is one of those people that not only comes up with great ideas but has the energy and enthusiasm to put those ideas into practice. She has been a joy to work with and I would recommend her without hesitation.”
Jessica Warrior, CPM, RPA, General Manager, Jones Lang LaSalle

“Roxana has been a joy to work with over the last 5 years. Her exemplary leadership and organization skills are a true testament of her management style. All of us at LMC look forward to working hand in hand with Roxana for many years to come.”
Chris Duffin, President, LMC Construction

“Roxana is among the best supervisor’s I’ve had the pleasure to work with. She is a hard working, goal driven and detail oriented professional who is able to adapt and thrive in the ever changing world of property management. Her decision making is flawless and her leadership skills are remarkable. I highly recommend Roxana for any type of leadership position because simply stated; she achieves results.”
Kyle Smith, Commercial Real Estate Loan Analyst, Standard Insurance Company

“Roxana is conscientious and dedicated to making the properties she manages achieve a high level of performance for the owners. I enjoyed working with her and have a high regard for her professionalism.”
Lynn Blankenship, CPM, CGPM, CAMT, Portfolio Manager, Guardian Management LLC

“Roxana is extremely driven and thinks outside the box. She will go above and beyond to achieve her goals. Roxana exceeds her owners expectations.”
Pam McKenna, Director of Real Estate, Greystar

“Roxanna is a very hard worker, straight forward and honest. She maintained detailed knowledge of each property financially, kept deadlines, found a way to make things happen in the most difficult of situations at any given property. I have the highest respect for her work ethics and dedication.”
Mina Mesi, Accounts Payable Manager, Guardian Management

“Roxana is a very hard working, smart, effective manager. She is a pleasure to work with.”
Leah Sykes, Attorney, Bittner and Hahs

“Roxana has been a leader in our company since she stepped foot on our turf. Her most recent assignment has been in taking two of our most challenging properties in Texas (and moving her family there to do so) and turning it from a problem children into a success story. Her intensity and dedication to solving problems is inspiring.”
Jim DeFord, Project Manager, Guardian Management, LLC

“Roxana Tofan, CPM is an extraordinary person who possesses amazing personal and business qualities. Since coming into the IREM Dallas organization, she has made a visible difference on several committees. I could not give anyone a higher recommendation. Thanks Roxana for all you do for your organization.”
Kristin Hiett, CAE, Executive Director, IREM Dallas