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How to Nail Voicemail

How many times has one of the following happened to you? You call someone and get their voicemail telling you that they will be out of the office until July 26th. The only problem is it’s September 8th when you place the call. Or you call a big organization but still can’t get in touch with a living, breathing person no matter what combination of buttons you push, and you’ve already left three messages and received no returned phone call. Check out How to Nail Voicemail – 2018

Time is Money

Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize is no 1 answer in time managing. How many times in your day do you hear someone or yourself say “ìf only I had more time”? As real estate professionals changes in our daily routine come up every hour at times and priorities and tasks shift, which is why I love this business so much. I am never bored and am always presented with an opportunity to make a difference to our clients. All decisions I make in how I spend my time have an effect on the business operations. We sometimes forget that being successful does not help us manage our time well but the other way around, managing our time well makes us successful. Read the entire article at time is money – jan 2018

Turning Around a Struggling Property

Turning around a struggling property is a complex undertaking. Below are a few areas you should be reviewing and analyzing as part of the takeover that will help you create a successful management plan for the owners.

1. Staff. Review all staff. How effective is the leasing staff? How effective is the management company? Replace ineffective staff.

2. Marketing. Are there any issues with the marketing and tenant activities? Is the office open during peak time? Is there sufficient traffic?

3. Revenue. Is rent revenue maximized? Are you billing back to tenant as needed.

4. Expenses. Review all expenses. Analyze vendor contracts. Analyze utility allowance and determine alternatives for conservation. Analyze insurance expenses. Shop your audit firms. Analyze marketing and advertising expense. Rework financial expenses where possible. Review leasing equipment and parts expense. Review property taxes.

5. Cash flow. Withdraw from reserve account if available. Review mortgage escrows. Remember partnership fees are subject to cash flow. Are operating reserves in place? Can we delay interest on loans?


Turning Around a Property – Jan 2018

San Antonio Celebrates 300 Years

What first comes to mind when you hear San Antonio? Is it the famous river walk, the Alamo, the Pearl District, Tower of Americas or Fiesta celebrations? The possibilities are endless as Alamo City or Military City, USA celebrates 300 years in 2018! Read more about the celebrations this year at San Antonio.

Fitness Center for Sale – San Antonio

Clear Integrity Group | Texas, Ohio, Kentucky, and South Carolina Profitable Fitness Center for Sale with Immense Cash Flow Potential in San Antonio. Growing fitness center for sale with solid members and franchise that provides exceptional structure, marketing and support. Established in a high income neighborhood of San Antonio. Call 210-655-5166 or email Complete confidentiality agreement at


SOLD – Day Care Company – Columbus, Ohio

Clear Integrity Group | Texas, Ohio, Kentucky, and South Carolina  Clear Integrity Group | Texas, Ohio, Kentucky, and South Carolina Clear Integrity Group | Texas, Ohio, Kentucky, and South Carolina

The center focuses on developing children and will place them into the appropriate level as an Infant, Toddler, Pre-Schooler, Pre-Kindergartner or School Ager. It facility is currently open and operating with a license for 118 students. Current enrollment is strong and constant at 100 students. The competitive advantage of this center is the location of the facility, the growth curriculum to challenge and stimulate every child, continued economic and housing growth opportunities for the area and the management experience. Operates in a 7,500 sq ft facility. Center is in a secured lease through December 2018.

SOLD – Catering Company – North Texas

We are excited to present a well established business and social catering firm for many years of sustained growth with a strong bottom line. This company is located in the North Texas area. The company operates from a 6,000 sq ft kitchen, office, warehouse. All equipment has been updated and replaced as needed. Gross revenue at $2,500,000 with $335,000 cash flow every year.

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